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We were thrilled to receive several thousand dollars from the I Can Read campaign to purchase readers and resources. In our recent trip to Vanuatu, we visited Vila East Primary School to organise delivery. It was exciting to see that the Principal, Haward Mala, had organised and with a team of helpers, built a new Literacy […]

We have some fantastic news at MJF Health! Our crate of supplies landed in Port Vila and is being put to use in the medical department right now! Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to donate much needed equipment, like tourniquets, oxygen masks, ECG paper and heaps more. It’s hard to imagine just […]

The Melanie Jewson Foundation is keen to continue supporting the schools of Vanuatu in a tangible way that makes a difference to the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of learning in the classroom. Australian schools enjoy the benefit of solid government funding that provides well trained and well resourced teachers into classrooms that are […]

2019 has started with the arrival of another crate for Vila Central Hospital (VCH). A successful crate delivery requires a massive team effort. Starting with the list of priorities supplied by VCH, The MJF purchases the required equipment and sources other resources including rehabilitation equipment and linen as required. Pick up and shipment of the crate is provided free of charge by […]

The Melanie Jewson Foundation believes that the best work we can do in Vanuatu is to improve literacy skills in the early years of primary school, thereby laying a solid foundation of learning that will open doors into higher education, enable better life choices and provide greater career opportunities into the future. There is significant […]

For every 1,000 children born in Vanuatu, 27 will die before the age of 5, close to half of these before the age of one month*. This means that a child born in Vanuatu is more than seven times more likely to die before they reach school than one born in Australia. Many of these […]